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Kelvin Grove Natural Medicine (KGNM) was established 1994 to provide a relaxing, calming environment, away from external stresses and anxieties, to maximise healing.
Only one-on-one consultations are provided at each visit to ensure adequate comfort and time are allowed for you to receive the individualised service you need.

Our aim is to help you achieve the best of health.

The Health – Disease Continuum

Debilitating disease Free from disease but not Great Health in optimal health
10-20% 60 - 80% 10-20%
Population Population Population

The health - disease continuum shows that health and disease exist along a continuum, a constantly changing scale, and not as two separate and distinct entities. That is, depending on certain factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle and stress, we move from a health to disease state and vice versa.

Ideally we would all live in great health, free from not only acute disease, but also chronic aches and pains, low energy and periods of poor health. Unfortunately most people, whilst not sick, are also not 100% well.

At KGNM we offer treatment for those with disease; and prevention and lifestyle strategies to maintain optimal health. We work with you to oversee and guide you on your path moving away from the disease end of the continuum and towards great health.
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Our Treatments Include
Our Treatments include:


Individualised health care, stretching programs, dietary analysis,  exercise guidelines, supplementation review, personalised herbal formulations, structural assessment, personalised supplementation regime, Injury / structural treatment and holistic health care.
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The Health Model

One program does not suit everyone. We are all different. Health programs and treatments therefore need to be individually tailored according to a range of variables including body types, mental states, current health status, health goals, etc. of each individual.


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